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Themen - masterangello

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Registration for the Arena Tournament - Killing The Dragon!

Hereby I would like to invite everyone to the first league arena tournament organized by LH in the new scene. All games will take place at 3 maps arena type:

    Arena Konwentowa 2.2
    Arena Standard 1.0
    Tourney II

Please hurry up with registration because the number of seats is limited to 32, and the time to complete registration expires on 29.04.2012.

Top 4 of the tournament will receive prizes:

    Champion - 200 points to Normal mode
    Runner-up - 175 points to Normal mode
    Semi-finalists - 150 points to Normal mode

Read - Killing The Dragon I Regulations  and sign up Click - Registration for the Tournament

We wish you a successful struggle and new impressions !

Seiten: [1]